SYNTHESE HEUTE/ZUKUNFT – Die alpine Archäologie Heute und in der Zukunft

Dieser Beitrag entstand im Rahmen des e-learning Kurs Alpine Archaeology: tools and techniques, Abt. Ur- und Frühgeschichte, UZH

If I must choose an aspect about archaeology that will be interesting in the near future, it would be the visualising and reconstruction techniques in an interactive way. Programmes that can be downloaded to your mobile phone for free which offer to you the possibility of enjoying a city or an archaeological route like if you where in, e.g., in the 19th century; or walking near the fathers of the Age of Enlightenment or the Humanism; or in the middle of the fall of the roman empire.

Other tools can be used on our computers: E.g. Google earth. I think that’s the most amazing archaeological visual tool that I’ve ever seen and have been using it since I discovered it.

We can focus on the Alps and find the routs through the mountains used first by the Celts and then by the Romans, the ancient battlefields of the First and the Second World War, and so on.

There are many freely available media that are available since the beginnings of the internet that can make our research so much easier: pictures which can be found on the internet, Wikipedia articles, national geographic and discovery channel documentaries and a huge media database about archaeological remains and monuments of the whole mountain range of the Alps and the rest of the world.

For me, it’s a perfect tool for self-learning and… just to have fun and enjoy!



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